Hearing Evaluations & Mapping

Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluations for Adults and Children

Scheduled and performed by our licensed and nationally certified hearing care providers. Diagnostic evaluations are subject to professional fees. Insurance often covers these services.

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

During your examination you will be tested using a series of low & high frequency words to determine your ability to understand verbiage within a conversation. We will also give you several words to repeat. The results will help us determine your percentage of hearing loss, your ability to understand speech and how hearing aids will improve your ability to hear.

Hearing Rehabilitation & Training

People with hearing loss sometimes have difficulty understanding  speech in noise. We provide training to help your brain learn how to “hear again” with your new hearing aids. Rehabilitation occurs by playing hearing games online and at home.

Live Speech Mapping

Live Speech Mapping is a fitting process that uses probe microphones and live real-time speech to allow the patient and their family members to immediately see and understand the benefits of hearing aids and fitting adjustments.

Tinnitus Evaluation & Management

Tinnitus is described as a ringing in the ear, and can range in severity. A tinnitus evaluation can help you identify how much tinnitus interferes with your daily life and if there are treatment options that can benefit you.


Tympanometry is an examination used to test the condition of the middle ear and mobility of the eardrum (tympanic membrane) and the conduction bones, by creating variations of air pressure in the ear canal.

Ear Plugs, Molds & Monitors


Custom-made ear molds that come in a variety of discreet sizes and shapes.

Hunters Ear Plugs

Whether it’s game movement, trap release or range commands, hearing is a critical element of your shooting accuracy, enjoyment, and most importantly safety. Our SoundGear products are designed to extend the range of your hearing, while limiting the harmful effects of muzzle blasts. SoundGear protection is digital technology that eliminates annoying feedback for a whistle-free experience. The shooter products are easy to wear and comfortable, unlike bulky earmuffs. They feature a noise reduction rating of 25b dB.

Musicians Ear Monitors

We make custom fit Audio or Stage Monitors for your ears. These monitors deliver a quality of sound and comfort that is prized by professional musicians and discriminating audiophiles. Our advanced transducers provide high fidelity
reproduction of a sound studio. Monitors also reduce ambient noise, providing up to 30 dB of sound isolation to meet the challenges professional musicians face during live performance.

Musician Ear Plugs

Musicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings. They are exposed to high levels of sound, sometimes for long periods, which may put them at risk for permanent hearing damage. Musician’s ear plugs are custom-made devices that help to limit the sound exposure from instruments, while still providing a rich musical experience for the performer or audience. These comfortable and custom fit ear molds completely preserve the quality of sound, while attenuating 9, 15, or 25 db. This means you hear music just the way it should sound, but at a reduced level- no more of that muffled, barrel quality you get with off the shelf plugs. Let us help you determine the most appropriate level of attenuation based upon the instrument you play or listen to.

Sleeping Ear Plugs

Custom ear plugs contribute to a more peaceful night’s sleep by reducing sound up to 25 dB.

Swim Plugs

Soft, custom earplugs can help protect your ears while swimming and keep the water out of your middle ear space. Swim plugs are comfortable to wear and come in a variety of fun colors.